“Hey I’m not dead and I can get up tomorrow”

So I was talking to a friend last night who asked me (Like many people have) if I thought they could make it through the CAF Basic training, and my response was as follows:

All you need it the ability to say to yourself “Hey I’m not dead and I can get up tomorrow”

And looking back (Hopefully wiser) I couldn’t help but think how true this was, if someone had honestly told me what basic would be like I can’t say I would have done it but coming out the other end and being able to say I COMPLETED basic training, hell that I graduated something ANYTHING is one hell of an accomplishment in my books.

Now I work 9am-4pm earning Private Basic pay and often catch myself complaining about boredom before remembering- oh my god I’m 17 with a (basically) dispensable income and more freedom than I know what to do with. My old friends would be jealous of the life I live, but me?

I’m mostly bored.

With affection a bored teenage catastrophe


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