Why I Actually Blog

I’m sure my inconsistent blogging is annoying to someone, I go years not touching this blog but there’s always the one thing that brings me back.

My mother.

It’s not as though she has some sort of passion for blogging, no it’s that whenever she goes into me about finishing high school  or ‘Doing something with myself’, ‘having a back up plan’ I can’t help but think why can’t it be this? Why can’t I be a blogger?

The truth is I don’t have the passion for it, but I just want to prove that maybe- just maybe the way we’re teaching our youth to live isn’t always right.

I don’t want to be a doctor, or a lawyer or any career you can offer me really.  I want to be me.

And I don’t have a bloody clue who I am anymore. I wonder if it’s fair to blame that on the world or if I did that.

From a rather hopeless Teenage Catastrophe


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