I am not a dog.

Dear Society,

This is an open letter from a teenage girl who would like to say, I am not a dog. I will not, and have no desire to fetch when you throw, the hoops you demand I jump through to of course get the job- to get money- to get a house- to get… what?

These goals hold no draw for me, I find myself less and less enchanted with you every moment I spend in you. Where is my fairy tale ending?

Did you not promise me love?

Oh I see, I was of course under the impression, or at least operating under the assumption that life is fair.

It’s not, who told you my weakness’ and handed you the poison?

Was I too naive to breath easy and not break the mold? Too angry with the state of my future to stay on your path because listen to me closely Society.

I work a job that 40 year old woman strive for, a part time cashier at an A-Typical department store. I don’t do my homework because it makes me feel like I’m dragging myself to a finish line in a race I never entered.

Who told you you could make my life choices for me?

You’re not me.

An open letter from a Teenage Catastrophe.


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