Being in ‘love’

Being in the stigma of love is hard to define. Love can be friendly, supportive, lustful, and very often painful.

Loving someone isn’t a box, there will never be a 100% promise you will fit in the box that is fairy tale love. Because things are going to hurt, love won’t always be there, and neither will the person who’s meant to be giving it to you.

But here’s the trick, love will hurt, it will bring you joy, and it will make you a better person for it so do yourself a favour before asking someone else to love you.

Love yourself.

From a self loving teenage catastrophe, Elizabeth


One thought on “Being in ‘love’

  1. Hey,

    I just read your post and here’s one more interesting fact about being in love (in case you wanna know 🙂 )
    The serotonin level of people in love and people suffering from compulsion neurosis lies 40 % below the standard value, meaning that – in a biochemical sense – people in love are mentally ill. This phenomenon is called “micro-paranoia”.


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