It won’t stop. Canadians don’t need the gym during the winter, the dump of snow we receive once, twice, thrice a week gives us more than enough exercise for all of the winter.

Example: Snow 2CRO7161

SNOW  _CRO7566_2


How many times can anyone outside of Canada (Excluding the top/bottom of our wonderful world, Maine USA, and Russia) say they’ve spent 3 hours shoveling a driveway with their whole family of 5? Oh school is canceled because of an inch of snow? Nope.

Ice rain can stop us but if it’s under 3 feet and stops before 2am there’s going to be school. My point it just that I’d like to live where there isn’t so much snow, I can deal with the cold just not the snow + the cold + the wind chill. Canada’s winters would (might) be bearable without the windchill really.

That’s it. That’s my rant.

Less wind

Less snow

More warm sunny lovely places.

Thanks, from a hopeful teenage catastrophe, Elizabeth


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