There’s a line in the very first episode of Glee said by Will when Emma shows him a video where he sang at nationals where he says it was the only time in his life other than when he found out he was going to be a father that he was really happy. Which worries me, what if my life was meant to be defined by some grand high school moment? And almost worse what if it already is?

I don’t want to be 70 looking back and think “that was the best thing I ever did”. I want to be 70 sitting with my grand children and when they ask what the best thing I ever did was pull out this giant fucking photo book and say “let me tell you little shits a thing or two about your grandma”.

I’m going to tell them about when I rode an elephant because I wanted to photograph the world from its point of view, and how I attended the opening of the first underwater city, and how their mother/father never went to public school because I ran my own school for children who wanted to learn about real life issues not just algebra and Dickens. I’ll tell them about the time I snuck into an amusement park, how we couldn’t do anything but it was the excitement of the act that made us feel free.

I’m going to tell them about how free I was. I’ll show them the photos of my 20th, 30th, and 40th birthdays where I dragged my friends to see Disney movies, and how we snuck my 17 year old into a bar just for the hell of it because it didn’t seem fair to leave someone who was just as grown up at home.

I want to tell them these stupid unimaginable stories because when they say “YOU DID NOT! GRANNY!” I want to be able to one up it!

I’m going to live like a crazy woman, and I’m going to find someone to share it with so when their other grandparent walks by they can squeal “is this you?!” And ask if things really happened.

Life is meant to be extra ordinary it’s not a bucket list of things to check off, it’s a river and it is always changing so adapt fast or you’re just going to get washed away.

From a sentimental Teenage Catastrophe, Elizabeth.


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