Can we just talk about Crossy roads?

This is one of those apps that you don’t just forget about after downloading it. This app is like committing your soul (and notifications) to remembering it. Sitting in public with nothing to do?


Hate looking lame at group gatherings but can’t stand actually talking?


There is nothing wrong with pretending you have no interest in going out tonight because you really want to get emo goose and need 1000 coins to do so. Honestly it’s probably better than what you would have done while socializing anyways.

Not to mention all the characters are ssoooo cute! You must have them all. Sacrifice your friends, family, and job because you need that horse and you need it now.


What’s that you’ve got an exam tomorrow? You’ll be fine, you know who won’t? That poor chicken you’re making cross a road all on its own. If you can’t be there for it how will you ever be there for your friends and family? You won’t, it’s as simple as that.

From a very sarcastic Teenage catastrophe who one day hopes to sudgest her own crossy roads animal/thing, Elizabeth

Ps. The game is really cute and fun though, highly suggest it as your next waiting room/underground/train/taxi/home alone because you don’t want to go out tonight game.


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