Grades, Exams, and everything that goes between

If you think back to highschool doesn’t it seem like there was a lot of useless work? Almost as if they wanted school to draw out for 13 years?

Well you’re not crazy. From looking at the work I have to do just to earn one credit I’m amazed, There are 4 units and up to 5 parts to each this means that a whole unit (that can take you up to 2 months in school) only takes all of a week and a half doing an hour of work 5 days a week.

Though I see why they keep us in school until we’re 18, no one wants a bunch of 13, 14 year olds graduating there wouldn’t be anywhere to put them, but I do wonder why no one is given the choice of how fast they want to go through their classes. If teens, kids, youth in general had the choice to take classes in two month periods I’m fairly certain they’d take that opportunity and rock it.

Who’s to say how fast you’re allowed to learn?


From a fast paced Teenage Catastrophe, Elizabeth


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