Snow sports are back in business

At my Cadet Corp you can sign out cross country skies as a part of the biathlon program (which is super awesome and I love) and last weekend I got my yearly skies even though, alas we’re not going to provincials this year 😦 . I can’t express in words just how bad I am at skiing, like if there was a talent for it I’d be on the X factor BUT this year shall be different!

I’m going to get off my butt and practice till I can’t breath, I will be fit this year I want to ski and so I will. I don’t even have the excuse that I  don’t have time this year, what time don’t you have Elizabeth? Between your school, photography and….what lunch? Where is there no time.

Yah that’s what I thought. I will ski and that’s final.

A slightly motivated Teenage Catastrophe, Elizabeth.

Ps. I look nothing like this feature image when I ski more like…Sochi Olympics Cross Country Sprint


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