We’re fighting for equality.

I want people to stop telling me because I’m white I can’t respect you.

Because damn it I’m going to respect you whether you like it or not, and every time you say “you don’t get it” I’m going to say damn it then why do you keep trying to show us what it feels like?

White privilege is great and all so why can’t I stand up for what I believe in without being told I don’t get it?

  • Men are told they can’t be feminist, and women take feminism as the right to be female supremacists.


Feminism: the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

Men can and WILL continue to advocate for women’s rights when women may not yet be able to.

  • Black people are told they need to push black rights, but if too many white middle class people join the fight it suddenly becomes a charity event? No.

What is happening to african americans, Africans, and every other form of black race is NOT okay and any sane human can see that. When you have thousands of people from another race looking at you and backing you up you don’t push them away. This is still your fight but it’s also a moment where we all need to stand together and make people stop seeing white and black.

  • LGBTQ’s are fighting everyday but how many times do I see hate on heterosexuals in one day? Too many.

Not everyone is going to accept you right away no but stop putting all heterosexuals into one bubble, I am a huge LGBTQ rights supporter and I hate, hate, hate it when I see a post made about heterosexuals all being the same. Do you want to put us down like you’re fighting not to be? Because that’s all you’re going to achieve.

Stop fighting disrespect and inequality by throwing it back at everyone who tries to help you. Whites want to stand up for black rights, men are going to be feminists, and heterosexuals are going to be right there to support LGBTQ’s when they can.

We’re fighting for equality this isn’t high school stop making cliques.

From an un-amused Teenage Catastrophe, Elizabeth


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