What can happen in a second?

Don’t stop, just breath

Seconds are a funny thing, some you never want to relive and others you would give up everything to hold onto for even one more.

In a second you can be devastated, feel heart wrenching defeat and grief- they can can consume you. But in the next you can feel hope, and melancholy, and anticipation. Seconds make up our lives, they’re why we keep going.

We wait for the second before a kiss, and the one where we reach the top a climb and blink into the sun. I wait for the midnight drive, and the taste of mint before Christmas, the first time I met my sister, and the last time I pet my dog.

We only get to do every second once for a reason, and we can’t get so hung up on each as it will be our downfall to forget there are billions more to experience.

Live for what can happen in a second.


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