Finning the shit out

..Play on words, my favorite!

So this is just a quick post to tell you all…. I’VE GOT FISH

I got them back in the last week of August (Their names are Cecil and Edward) and named them after two of my camp buddies 🙂 (Middle names) being fish they can make their tank pretty gross so today I did a full clean out :O *GASP* .

This lead to my fish flipping the shit out, or finning the shit out 😉 and I discovered just how much Edward hates not having a wall on the bowl! He can’t deal with there being no wall. I gave him a place to hide but nooooooo.

He’s a bit of a twat.

Anyways Cecils pretty chill, stupid… but chill.


4d9ed9010401d (Ps this isn’t my fish but it’s the kind I have… Edwards bigger than Cecil)


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