Not the end of the world

It’s not quite the end of the world- just me going off to camp 🙂

I can’t foresee there being many posts after this maybe a few scheduled ones but alas it is my time to go. I’m pre writing this to post so it can go up on July 6th (Hello future people!!!) that’s the  day I leave for camp. I pre writing cause I know I won’t have time to tell you anything about my life from then on so here it is what’s going to happen when I leave! (Today)

7:30am: Time to get upppppp

7:40: Shower time

8:10: Breakfast (YUM)

8:20: Drive out, DRIVE OUT

8:50: Get to argonaut for the bus

9:30: Leave for camp

10:30: Get to the ferry

11:00: Get on the ferry (Sit for 3 hours and eat when they feed us on the princess of acadia)

2:30: Get off the ferry

3:00: get on the new bus with luggage

4:00: Make it to Acadia!!! (YES YES YES)

5:00-7:30: Um find luggage after putting it in another van… get to your new division, get settled in

8:00: Gods if I know what happens after that- we really just hang out. Sometimes they bring us to the theater for a movie, or to a dance…yah 🙂 it’s fun.

10:30: LIGHTS OUT :3


That’s it, all there is folk but I’ll trrryyyy to update you. BYE

-Elizabeth Xoxoxo


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