I can not wait to go to camp, I can’t wait not only because I just plain want to go but also because I have almost run out of good tv on Netflix. Netflix is really awesome on one hand- and sucks on the other.

For a few months you’re contented with all of the movies and TV shows but then you run out, and it’s not like a store they don’t always restock the second they’re out of the good stuff, it can take a while. But the up side is when they do restock it’s with something awesome…along with some other not so awesome stuff sure , but what I mean is recently they put the amazing SpiderMan on Canadian Netflix (YES YES YES) can we just appreciate Andrew Garfieldandrew-garfield-hottest-pictures…. Yah okay enough appreciation 😉 .

All in all Netflix rocks for a few months and then sucks like an experienced hooker. I’m still happy with it though, once you go Netflix you’ll never go back (to cable that is).



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