Upper body strength

Over the last two days I’ve done two amazing sports, on saturday I went just 20 minutes out of town with my Cadet corp to attend a sail weekend. Over 15 sea cadets from 2 different corps went out in Echos caught winds up to 15 knots, best part being I got to bring my best friend sailing for the first time! She didn’t love it in the beginning when we started hiking, it freaked her out but after the boat settled down and she got a chance to skipper she loved it.

echo_12_photo                                            IMG_3894

The second thing I did was on the next day sunday when I went to ‘Tree Go!’, fantastic program! You get to zipline, and run through the trees with whoever you want (I was at a birthday) and it was wicked. I can’t wait to go again to both, but I’d never do them in the same weekend again it’s insanely hard on your arms to be both skipper in high winds and drag yourself along the ropes in the trees. Haha I am not a monkey, nor the amazing hulk so I’ll do them one at a time from now on.

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