My poison

My musical poison, if you’ll allow me to elaborate, is Punk Rock. This genre includes newer bands such as, 30 Seconds to mars, Marianas Trench, The Killers, and Panic at the Disco. Older examples of Punk Rock are bands such as, The Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Clash, and Flogging Molly (all amazing bands in my opinion).

I grew up listening to many great punk rock bands  but I’ll always have a soft spot for select musicians like James Blunt, The Great Big Sea, The Barenaked Ladies, and The Ataris. My father was and remains an avid listener to most of these bands along with many new ones he picks up along the way. I love to experience new music but I have a slight problem where I quickly get sucked into the vortex of listening and over play the music. This results in my wanting to scream whenever I hear said song played by a friend or on the radio, it’s a serious problem.

If you were to scroll to the bottom of my songs on my iphone you’d find that more than half of my 16GB are used for music, currently that number is 1347.

I really like music, and I think I’ll leave it at that.




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