One day

All of the grade twelves go to school today. There’s not much else to do than wait for my last day tomorrow and the beginning of summer.

I’ve always been one of those people who yells for joy when school is let out and when it begins again, for all of it’s greatnesses I’m horrible at meeting up with people in the summer so I get lonely. There’s not much to do when there’s no one to do anything with. My family likes to take trips to Ontario during the summer to see my Nana and Papa, and I’m sure they’ll take one this summer while I’m away at camp but maybe this time they’ll go house seeing instead of sightseeing.

An odd concept that. My house is for sale, it might or might not sell but no matter what I don’t want to go back to my school (I hate highschool mostly because of the people). Actually I don’t even hate highschool THAT much, I can deal with work and writing essays and everything in between BUT people….I dislike people for all the right reasons, in my mind they’re right at least.

1 day till summer, still no ideas on what to do- this could become problematic.



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