Two days

In two days my summer vacation will officially start, to say I’m pumped would be an understatement. I have 77 days from then until september 2nd to use summer to my advantage, that’s 1848 hours or, 11 weeks.

I’ll be using 6 of my 11 weeks for Cadet summer camp where I’ll be getting 4 of the 5 available Power Boating Licences, my radio communication certifications, and first aid training (all of those being super cool). The other 5 weeks remaining are split on either side of said camp, 2 weeks until the camp begins and 3 after still a fair amount of time.

But what am I meant to do in those weeks?

I can’t really get away in 2 weeks (not like I really could if I wanted to) but I don’t want to waste the summer! I always regret what I don’t do when it’s all over so I’ve been thinking up ideas. I could get back into Vloging/Blogging (this is one of said attempts) or maybe I could try getting into a sport? Ermm. No.

I’ve stooped as low as to google things to do in the summer, there was nothing promising, I need something I can’t just let myself waste away in this house all of the time I’m home.

Hlp. Pls.


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